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Coconut water is a well-known natural liquid rich in many organic nutrients that every plant requires. If you are not familiar with Coconut, it is a tropical climate plant that produces nuts with water and kernels. When it comes to houseplants, many people use coconut water as liquid fertilizer.

Orchid is one of the houseplants that are popular among many indoor gardeners. This plant absorbs many nutrients from its aerial roots. Therefore this plant prefers to collect nutrients from the water or air. That is why orchids love rainwater.

Let’s look at the coconut water nutrients. It is rich in significant nutrients like phosphorus (P), magnesium (Mg), calcium (Ca), and micronutrients like Iron (Fe), Sodium (Na), Copper (Cu), Zinc (Zn), Manganese (Mn) in smaller amounts. Therefore this is beneficial for orchids as much as rainwater.

Natural Coconut water
Natural Coconut water

Coconut water nutrients level.

We can find numerous researches about coconut water nutrient levels. The most trusted source is the U.S. Department Of Agriculture (USDA). As per their research 100g of coconut water contains Potassium (K)250mg, Magnesium (Mg) 25mg, Calcium(Ca) 24mg, Phosphorus (P) 20mg. Moreover, it contains micronutrients in smaller amounts like Iron, (Fe) 0.29mg, Manganese (Mn) 0.142mg, Copper (Cu) 0.04mg, Zinc (Zn) 0.1mg, (source).


Is coconut water good for orchids?

Coconut water for orchid plants

Orchid plants require a high amount of potassium (K), Calcium(Ca), Magnesium (Mg). Moreover, it needs iron and Manganese (Mn) to thrive. This coconut water contains many minerals, and the most significant thing is its available cytokinins hormone (source) and gibberellic acid hormone that stimulates plant growth. These two hormones play an essential role in plant cell development. Therefore coconut water is good for orchid plants to thrive and produce followers.

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Potassium is required for the overall plant stem, root growth and helps to produce flowers. Calcium is required for orchid plants’ formation of cell walls and cell membranes. Magnesium, iron plays a significant role in chlorophyll molecule development which is essential for photosynthesis. Manganese requires plant oxidation, which is necessary for photosynthesis.

Lack of these nutrients will cause orchid leaves turning yellow and dropping flowers. coconut water is just as useful as rainwater for orchids.


How to use coconut water for orchid plants?

In the market, we can find two different types of coconut water. It is flavored and natural. Plants require natural coconut liquid. Therefore you can use ready-to-use liquid or powder that is not contain any flavored, color, or added sugar. Like coconut husks, its water is also beneficial to orchid plants.

Coconut water contains a high amount of sugar, which is a good source for the development of fungi. Therefore we have to reduce the sugar concentration by adding diluted water.

The ideal distilled water mixing ratio is 1:4 or 1:3. For every part of the coconut water, mix 4 or 3 parts of purified water. This mixing level is suitable for every development stage orchid plant.

Coconut water mixing for orchid plants
Coconut water mixing for orchid plants 1:3 ratio

Below the image, you can see that I take around 50ml of coconut liquid. Then I mix it with purified water.

Once you apply the coconut water fertilizer to orchid plants, you can keep it in your refrigerator if there is any remaining water. This water can quickly develop fungi and ferment them (even if you added water to it).

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Once you spray this solution on the plant, no fungi will form in the potting mixture. This is due to the fact that the water in it is highly mixed, and this coconut water does not accumulate in large quantities in plant and potting mix. When you add this coconut water mixture to something like a cup, even if water is added, there is a risk of increases in the fungi population because there is some accumulated sugar.


What is the best time to use coconut water for orchid plants?

The best time to provide this organic liquid fertilizer for orchids is early morning or morning. Because there is a low temperature, the plant receives enough time to absorb nutrients in the water. When the time is left, the temperature rises, and water evaporation starts.

Do not provide this water in falls or winter. Because in those seasons there is low temperature and water evaporation is low. There is a risk of the development of fungus in the orchid plants. Do not water orchid plats for the next 24 hours after you apply this liquid fertilizer.


Can I use Coconut water for nursery orchid plants?

Like a matured orchid, nursery plants require a good amount of minerals to thrive. In the early stages, these minerals are essential for the growth of the root system and stem and the development of healthy orchid plants. Building a good root system is crucial in the early growth stage.


Is it Good to mix the coconut water with rainwater?

Rainwater is rich in many organic nutrients that orchid plants prefer to thrive. In an orchid’s natural habitat these plants obtain nutrients and water requirements from the rain. It contains many minerals sodium, potassium, calcium, chloride, sulfate, nitrate, ammonia (source). These nutrients change according to location, seasonally, and local conditions. Which is a good source of organic minerals to plant.

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If we look at the pH value of these two liquids, coconut water has a pH value between 4.78 and 5.7 (slightly acidic), and rainwater has a pH value between 5 to 5.5 (these values can change slights depends on this situation). Therefore after mixing rainwater with coconut water its pH level does not change dramatically. A combination of this organic liquid fertilizer is provide good minerals to orchid plants.

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